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Welcome to the community of practice. A space for facilitators and collaborators alike to continue building skills and knowledge for effective results.

The RapidConsensus course has always been designed to impart a practical set of tools and techniques that encourages you to be competent and comfortable to use in the real world.


To enhance these skills and learnings we regularly host sessions where we share insights and best practices as well as answer practical questions from your experiences. 

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Next insight session: Make meetings matter 

With so many meetings online, it's important to know what outcome you want from each one and what type of meeting will engage the best results. Knowing the right time to utilise facilitation in a group meeting is a valuable skill we look forward to sharing with you and discussing questions you have.  


Join us for this session held online, where we look at;

  1. The common outcomes from meetings - objective to share information, obtain input, make decisions, build relationships

  2. What stage the group is in - forming, norming, storming, re-norming, performing, adjourning stage

  3. What level of content is being dealt with - level of complexity of the topic

Topic: When to use facilitation in a meeting...and when not to

Date: Tuesday, 19th of October, 2021

Time: 10.30 - 11.30am

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Insight into hybrid

Embracing a new way of working  

The first phase of adopting new technology is to replicate the old.


Examples include;

  • horseless carriage

  • paperless office

  • wireless communications

  • driverless vehicles

However, calling something less or its equivalents, such as current terms of Remote, Virtual, Work from Home; sends the wrong message.

It states being less than, and slows down the adoption and the ability to innovate, along with minimising the advantages that the new technology brings.

For instance the advantages of; 

  • adding team members from anywhere

  • more focused "me-time" work

  • getting the right mix of tools and protocols to support synchronous and asynchronous work

In this next Community of Practice, we will explore how to get out of this 'less than' thinking and how to really leverage the advantages this new way of working will bring.