Shared insights

The Community of practice insights give an opportunity to delve deeper into the practical tools shared in the RapidConsensus course, along with innovative ways of gaining group engagement and productivity for outcome focused meetings.

Maximise your skills

The community of practice is a space for facilitators and collaborators alike to continue building skills and knowledge for effective results.

The RapidConsensus course has always been designed to impart a practical set of tools and techniques that encourages you to be competent and comfortable to use in the real world.


To enhance these skills and learnings we regularly host sessions where we share insights and best practices as well as answer practical questions from your experiences. 

Here are the topics from the last sessions held. We are always interested in your feedback and if there is particular subject you're keen as an insight session, please get in touch >  

Online Meeting

Insight session


Facilitating effective virtual meetings 

We explore how to use the principles from the RapidConsensus course in a virtual environment. We share valuable techniques from shifting facilitating face to face to online meetings and how best to engage all participants.  

Online meeting

Insight session


Make meetings matter 

With so many meetings online, it's important to know what outcome you want from each one and what type of meeting will engage the best results. Knowing the right time to utilise facilitation in a group meeting is a valuable skill.