Facilitate positive productive group meetings & beyond

Achieve alignment

Learn the tools and techniques to engage others in productive meetings for fast, effective results, that everyone can align and agree to.


RapidConsensus helps create actionable agreement and alignment that underpins a motivated and productive team. The result is each individual feels engaged, and outputs agreed for the best way forward to ensure ownership.


RapidConsensus teaches an outcome focused model, designed to be utilised across all forms of meetings; face to face, remote and hybrid team environments.  

What's it about?


RapidConsensus was originally designed by Waterfield in 1997 to help teams work together to optimally reach consensus on decision making to move forward.

Thousands of organisations, government institutions, communities and individuals using RapidConsensus have seen first hand how engaging groups through a collaborative framework results in a visible uplift in performance.


Sharing in the process allows clear communication, a common understanding, more creative solutions and better outcomes with your team and others.

It is successfully used across various meeting modes, having evolved for current remote and hybrid group environments.

Practical facilitation skills

RapidConsensus is a virtual training workshop, teaching you practical facilitation skills delivered as a series of 4 modules with a debrief session.


These workshops focus on applying the learning and knowledge to build on these skills through active participation. We encourage participants to give it a go, providing a space to practise within the sessions in online breakout rooms and real world experience.


These modules and practical elements cover;

  • Effective meetings

  • Leading meetings

  • Mastering and sharing skills


The key benefits of learning the RapidConsensus process is creating coherent group sessions, alignment and clear shared outcomes.

Effective outputs 
Faster meetings
Equal contribution 

Reduce conflict and time spent in group sessions, making the time spent as productive and focused towards alignment.

Create an environment where people feel heard, valued and willing to contribute. This allows for equal participation and broader input from all involved.

Realise collaborative and positive solutions as a team. Reach decisions quickly by gaining consensus and understanding from everyone.

Ownership & actions
Breadth of engagement
Confident & competent 

Know what needs to be achieved, by whom. Inspire ownership and solid agreed actions, to gain results together and easily move forward.

Use the process across a wide range of group meetings. Smaller teams to large conferences, and collaborative discussions between stakeholders, internal and external to the organisation.

Gain confidence and proficiency in your ability to run collaborative meetings of any size. Deliver actionable results through practical and real world application.